rigging services

Rigging Service

Shoalhaven Cranes can provide rigging services if required. We have many years of experience as steel erectors.

Our services include mancage hire, spreader bar rentals, recovery services, and machinery installations. To assist in the recovery of heavy trucks, cars, rollovers, and much more, we use cranes, forklifts, and riggers. We have 2.2 m to 13 m spreader bars with a lifting capacity of up to 30T if your equipment requires one. Also, if you require mancages and sully boxes for experts to reach heightened locations to complete their job, we can get that too.

Shoalhaven Cranes provides more than just services for rope access. No matter how specialised your lifting and rigging requirements are, our professionals offer the best-in-class services and determine whether your operations are safe and functioning correctly.

Our expert team is equipped with service professionals, top-notch testing tools, repairers, and installers required to handle various lifting and rigging projects. Only the most excellent industry methods and cutting-edge technologies are used by our skilled technicians, who have undergone in-house training. Working with Shoalhaven Cranes ensures that your operations will operate more smoothly and that any equipment or crane uptime will be maximised.

We often provide our crane and rigging services to distant areas in New South Wales as well as the Greater Sydney area, Ulladulla, West Nowra, Nowra, Worrigee, Mundamia, South Nowra, Nowra Hill, Comberton, and several other cities. We even provide services for residential and commercial developments and the mining, oil, and gas sectors.

Shoalhaven Crane's highly skilled rigging experts may complete the most challenging lifting projects. Our services include:

  •   Tools safety assessment for maintenance & repair
  •   Mobile facilities for testing
  •   Certified annual visual inspection
  •   Height safety inspections for harnesses, lanyards & installation work
  •   Lifting gear tests & repairs
  •   Anchor point installation & testing
  •   Proof loading
  •   DNV sling test, tag & repair
  •   Supply of horizontal & vertical lifelines

Shoalhaven Cranes has made their strong foundation of being Sydney’s leading crane and rigging service provider while focusing on the most difficult lifting maintenance and repair requirements.